What do the little letter Thingys mean


Some people have a letter next to their profile
Wut does it mean :stuck_out_tongue:


I was wondering the same thing… probably beta testers from the blockheads forums.


The T is for the testing team and star for Dave and milla


Testing or regular?
Because none of the the testers have custom names


Most of the Testers have not chosen any custom title yet.


How did you get tester? There isn’t a thread about it like on the tbh forums…


The Blockheads testers simply hopped over here. As the game is developed, testers specifically for Ambience will be recruited


But isn’t this game on PC?


What!! So I can be a tester too??!!! (I am a tester on tbh)
@Nasa101 Who isn’t supposed to know about us? (I am totally confuzzled at this point)


Shhh keep it private!
They aren’t suppose to know about us
I’m joking


All the testers have titles that say ‘Regular’

I’d like my custom title to say ‘Decaf’ please.

Dare to be different…


I’m the first to be different @Joe


Pie-Eating Umbreon? Congrats! That’s definitely different XD


I cant think of anybody that deserves it more @Buddy9104. It’s just so… You. :+1:t2:


As is your title of “Regular”


I’m not sure if that’s meant to be a compliment… :wink:


It’s all good. I know mine was meant as a compliment, and I assume Buddy’s was as well. We’re all friends here.