Worlds are huge. I’d like it if there was some sort of easy-access ‘waypoints’ you could make to sort of skip your view to a certain area, in case you’ve lost it.
Basically, you set a waypoint at your little village, then you head off to look for a good place for a quarry, and then if you can’t find your way back to your village, you just hit a button and return to your village!


Even if Dave doesn’t implement this in game, I’m willing to bet this will be incredibly simple to set up with a mod :slight_smile:


There will definitely be some kind of quick travel system, as it would take actual real world weeks of holding down W for you to get around the world otherwise! I’ve got a few vague ideas, I like the idea of beacons that you can travel between as long as you have a real world line of sight to each one. How such magical beacons fit into this primitive world is still ¯\(ツ)


Primitive worlds believe in magic so magical beacons fit perfectly.


Hmmm… you mean majical beacons?


I mean, blockheads had magical portals and at least started out primitive. Wouldn’t be much different for this game.





I like magic in games, or majic as the case may be. It need not be a fantasy context. Any technology so advanced that we don’t understand it is magic. Immersion is a requirement of a good game, so suspension of disbelieve is a given anyway :slight_smile:


Looking back over this, the idea of waypoints isn’t bad. But a waypoint is merely a marker.
These are used quite effectively in Entropia. You can’t teleport to them but you can see where they are in relation to yourself and walk/run to them.
They use a few different kinds of markers and they all show up on the compass so you can see their relative locations.
Come to think of it, Transcendence does nearly the same thing but in that game they only show up depending on the scenario.


Another consideration would be the multiplayer aspect.
How would a player use these markers?
Are the markers only visible by the player who put them there? Maybe shared markers?
How many markers might there be? At some point the markers would be overwhelming. (Still not sure how big/complicated this game might get. In Total Annihilation the max unit count was 500. Of course that’s pretty old now but depending on the system…)
For the design side you might look at ways someone might use this to slow/crash the game.