Video Devblog #23 - A whole new world (and a new name)

In this video I announce the new name! I’ve been very busy entirely changing the look, adding a female cave person, starting on the research system, and more. I’ll be updating and moving the website and forums over to a new domain in the coming weeks. I hope you like the new look and the new name!

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Great choice for the new name, love it! The sleek look of the font and smooth texture is very appealing and suits the game. The research system and menu for action selection looks easy to use and intuitive.


Great to hear, thanks @asyc :slightly_smiling_face:


Amazing progress! I agree with @asyc on the new name. Exitedly waiting for the next video :herb::eyes::herb:


Omg you really found the most related name for this game a brief history of humankind! Keep it up Dave!


I love the new look and interface of the game, it looks more like an early prototype of a game now.


This is looking great. Sapiens is perfect!

Too bad someone already grabbed


I was apprehensive about the name change at first. But now, I’m glad that the new name sounds great! The game looks beautiful as well :slight_smile:


Sapiens! Great name! Looks really awesome!


I really like the new name, I think it fits the game perfectly! New graphics look a lot cleaner too.


When’s the forum name changing? :wink:


When Dave gets a moment :slight_smile:

When you have young kids to raise, surf to catch, a game to create, and a community to run you have to prioritise.


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