Look at Dave’s trust level


I did PM Dave about this, but I have noticed something that the lords of Blockheads would not approve of…

What… the heck… is this?

If you see something wrong with this, you’re amazing. ._.


Yeah I saw that too. Maybe since he isn’t a moderator he doesn’t need tl4? But hen how could he post stuff if in News if nobody else can??? We need @milla to get an actual answer.


He appears to be TL3, hmm…


Maybe he doesn’t want to look to important… :man_shrugging:


So does that mean milla is our new god…?


(Joke) Milla: Hello everyone, I decided to take out a loan and buy Majic Jungle. Dave now works for me, and is no longer a leader in our Ambience community. I am now your community manager and your new president of Majic Jungle. Can’t wait for Ambience to finally get bunnies…


Shh…don’t give milla ideas…

Lol jk


In all seriousness though, it is weird he isn’t a leader. He is probably able to do all the things he can do because he displays as an Administrator in the about section: https://forums.ambiencegame.com/about


fixed :slight_smile:


@222oreo333 check out Dave’s custom title :+1:



Haha that’s awesome! Thanks for pointing it out @asyc


Lets all not forget though… his title is still subject to change… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yay it’s changed!

I can also post again, yay!