Is Discobot here?


So you know discobot from Blockhead forums right? Well I was wondering if he’s here or not. Just wondering. (I don’t wanna @ him for some reason)


Moved to #meta since this is about the forums.


Discobot has been disabled here as well, if it wasn’t then you would have gotten a PM from it when you joined.



(it seems kinda funny that Dave isn’t a leader, idk why he isn’t)
Maybe discobot is still on, but they set it to not send the new ppl a pm? Hmm let’s see.
EDIT: seems like it isn’t on…weird.


I don’t think milla is very fond of discobot.


Lots of people aren’t. Including me.


I imagine one of the first things she did when these forums were set up was disable Discobot


But then why does he have the leader badge?


I think Discobot automatically has it, regardless if the forums will actually use him or not.


It does.

Discobot was actually really nice. I signed up for the Hopscotch forums, and coincidentally enough they also use Discourse. They had discobot set up as well. So I got the pm and did the little tutorial along with it. When used correctly, it’s really nice. And helpful.


One thing site site was missing is a tutorial on how to use the forums. Another Discorde forum I used had discobot, but they changed the picture to fit the forum he was on.