How to create polls?


The title says it, is there a way to create polls?


Hit the little gear on the reply w

indow, and then a menu will pop up.
Click the Build poll button then another window will pop up.

Type in what you want to be on the poll. Separate the options by writing one option per line.

Hit insert poll, and BOOM, a poll has been inserted! This is what it will look like if you did what I said:

  • Option 1
  • Option 2

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I can only see hide details, maybe because I’m a new user. Meh.


Hmmm idk…?
I just got member, so that might be your problem.


When did you join?


It says on my user card, Jan. 23


I joined today so I guess I’m just basic


Ok this might work:
Type in
And it should work. There are a few different kinds of polls, and a few different settings for each, it would take forever to post a pic of every single one. If you want a specific poll, just say and I’ll get a pic of what you want.

  • Option 1
  • Option 2

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[poll type=regular]

*option 1
*option 2


Edit Ive run outta posts :pensive:
Edit2 I didn’t need a poll, I was just trying to work out if you could do one.


Nooo don’t post the pic. Type it out. (yeah it will take awhile…)


This didn’t work for two reasons,

  1. It needs to be [/poll] not [/]
  2. You need a space between the asterisk and the poll option
[poll type=regular]
* option 1
* option 2

Tip: use ``` to escape things.

[poll type=regular]
* option 1
* option 2


Ohh I saw other people do that, but u didn’t know how. Thanks!